Matlock / Bakewell gym - Prices & Terms

Our Terms

For reasons of safety & hygiene all members & their guests shall:

Contact their doctor before undertaking any new fitness regime

Not consume alcohol before exercise

No eating or chewing gum on the premises

Receive instructions on the use of the clubs equipment

Wipe down the machines after use with paper towels and spray provided

Wear tops/trainers in the gym at all times

Put all equipment away after use

Not introduce food, drink or glass into the changing areas or gym

Not smoke in any part of the club

Not allow children under 16 to use the equipment without prior consent of the management

Not allow pets into the club

You must not behave in an aggressive, abusive, anti-social or threatening manner to any staff or member, any one doing so will have their membership terminated immediately and Woodlands Fitness Centre Ltd reserves the right to contact the Police if deemed necessary

Those with diabetes, heart problems, high/low blood pressure, epilepsy or are using strong medication or who any form or indication of a medical condition should consult their doctor before exercising or using the fitness suite and any other associated areas.

All new members are entitled to an induction before training can begin. Please ask a member of staff.


Members shall wear the correct clothing at all times visiting Woodlands Fitness Centre.

Outdoor shoes will not be allowed into the club.


Membership is non-transferable or refundable:

Where payment is made by direct debit, there is a commitment to make all payments for the appropriate length of time. Any member cancel his/her membership must give one month's written notice.


In the event of any disputes arising out of the interpretation of these rules the decision of the management on such interpretation shall be final.


Woodlands Fitness Centre will not accept responsibility for accidents or injuries sustained or incurred arising out of or in any way connected with the use, whether proper or otherwise, of any of the equipment or facilities at Woodlands Fitness Centre. Members use the facilities at their own risk.

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