Matlock / Bakewell gym - Group Personal Training

We offer a variety of classes and group exercise sessions throughout the day to help you achieve you build fitness, strength, co-ordination and flexibility whilst burning fat.

Our classes and group exercise sessions are strictly limited to 6 people.

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7:45am | HIIT | 30m
9:30am | Lower | 45m
12:30pm | Total | 45m
5.15pm | Total | 30m
6:00pm | Total | 45m
6:45pm | Upper | 45m


9:30am | Upper | 45m
12:30pm | Total | 45m
6:00pm | Condition | 45m
6:45pm | Circuit | 45m


9:30am | Condition | 45m
12:30pm | Total | 45m
5.15pm | Total | 30m
6:00pm | Lower | 45m
7:30pm | Upper | 45m


9:30am | Upper | 45m
12:30pm | Total | 45m
6:00pm | Condition | 45m


7:45am | HIIT | 30m
9:30am | Upper | 45m
12:30pm | Total | 45m
6:00pm | Total | 45m


9:30am | Circuit | 45m


9:30am | Kettlebells | 45m

Group descriptions


A fun yet highly effective combination of HIIT, body weight and resistance training to burn fat, build stamina and strength and tighten up those stubborn areas.


Non-impact exercises designed to develop strength, flexibility, balance and inner awareness. A fantastic mix of core strength and abdominal conditioning.


Focus on your upper body muscle groups and training principles to give you a great calorie-busting workout. Improve your strength, fitness and muscular endurance.


A high-intensity interval training workout combines high-intensity movement with short periods of recovery. Improves cardiovascular fitness, increases speed and maximises calorie burn.


A combination of cardio and strength training, this class allows participants to work to their own personal level. A highly motivating workout. Great for those who don't like choreographed routines.


An aerobic workout incorporating interval training, aerobic movement and light resistance training. Offering high and low impact alternatives to improve fitness and burn fat.


A total body Resistance based workout using all major muscle groups, designed to improve strength, build lean muscle and torch calories.

A few things....

If you are new to a class or have an injury please inform your instructor.

Book your class at least 24 hours in advance to secure your place.

Ring and let us know if you cannot make your class - we may have a reserve list.

Wear indoor shoes in the studio at ALL times.

There is a maximum amount of participants allowed in each class. We run on a first come first serve basis - so go ahead and book now to hold your spot!

We are always looking to improve - please give us your feedback.

Don't forget your drink and towel.

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