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Why Woodlands?

Opening a gym is not about renting a warehouse and filling it with equipment. It's a service based business. Members predominantly join Woodlands to get results. These members choose Woodlands because we are - we believe! - the best gym in the area to help you get the results you want.

Our approach to our classes, personal training and our own training is constantly evolving. We keep on top of new developments in the industry and incorporate these into the way we train our clients. We were the first - and may still be the only - gym in the area to provide foam rolling. We were the first to provide Zumba, spinning, Metafit and many other classes. We've never been afraid to experiment with new ideas and concepts. We will constantly strive to keep delivering the best training methods possible.

Support and supervision:

If you forget how to do something just ask any staff member for help. There is always a member of staff available to help you out. It's not uncommon for people to forget how to programme something, so don't worry about asking. Whilst we provide the best resistance equipment in the area, we predominantly get our members to do balance, stability and free weight exercises using dumbbells and kettlebells.

Whilst our machines are excellent for certain training goals, we're all about providing training methods that prepare the body for the activities performed in your day to day life. The functional training methods we provide will lead to better muscular balance and joint stability. The benefits may arise from the use of training that emphasizes the body's natural ability to move in three anatomical planes of motion. Although fixed-resistance machines can often be safer to use, they restrict movements to a single plane of motion, which is an unnatural form of movement for the body and may potentially lead to faulty movement patterns or injury.

You'll work muscles you never knew existed:

Woodlands workout programmes really hit the spot and you'll work muscles you never knew existed - that might not be something you enjoy at first, but after a while you'll appreciate it. As you are only as strong as your weakest link, we will help you increase stabilization strength and develop optimal neuromuscular efficiency. The kinetic chain is made up of the soft tissue system (muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc), neural system, and articular system. Each of these systems works interdependently to allow structural and functional efficiency. If any of the systems do not work efficiently, compensations and adaptations occur in the other systems. These compensations and adaptations lead to tissue overload, decreased performance, and predictable patterns of injury.

Fully Qualified Gym Owner and Trainers:

The owner of Woodlands Fitness and all of our trainers are accredited by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), which is the premier provider of education and credentials for fitness, sports performance and sports medicine professionals. After receiving a programme that's specific to you, you'll get proper training to show you how to use the machines correctly and safely. Exercising can be dangerous used in correctly and you can hurt your back. So you have the option to do one session with a trainer if you have no exercise experience.

Friendly Staff:

All Woodlands trainers and instructors are friendly. We're here to help and support you. We want to see you succeed. We want you to get the results you want. Friendliness is of course important - but you're coming here to get results. You're here to work hard enough to get these results. We're here to provide as much support as you want. However, many of our members come in to train. After exchanging pleasantries, they put their ipods in and knuckle down - irrespective of whether it's cardio, weights or a bodyweight circuit they want to do on their own in the studio. For those members, we let them get on with it - but they know we're here to provide help, guidance and supoport as and when they want it.


If you find exercising routines boring and can't stick to them then Woodlands is the best option for you. One of our NASM accredited trainers can re-assess your progress and show you how your fitness, weight & measurements have improved. They will then design a new programme for you to follow to ensure that you continue to challenge yourself to reach your goals.

Exercising increases muscle tone:

You'll increase muscle tone, which is even more important than it sounds. We're not all going to have biceps like Arnie, but that doesn't matter, because we don't need to. What we need is to increase lean muscle mass, which helps support your frame (abdominal muscle is particularly important for this), and the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn - even when you're not exercising. That's right, by having more muscle you'll burn more calories per day without any extra effort.

Exercising reduces your cholesterol:

Exercising reduces your cholesterol and increases your HDL, which is your good cholesterol, which is linked to protecting you against heart disease. It also lowers your LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides. Our cardio machines have settings to find the heart rate you should be aiming for though so don't worry about working it out for yourself.

You'll feel better about yourself:

You feel better about yourself - as you exercise your figure will improve and so will your body image. Doing the right exercises the right way will help you to improve your posture, which has been a big problem for me for years. Muscle aches and pains are also decreasing rapidly.

Effective dietary advice:

You may need to improve your diet too! Eating well is simple. Woodlands staff can provide easy ways to add protein and fibre to your diet while cutting fat. If you're confused about what you should and shouldn't eat, finding it difficult to balance a busy life with a healthy life, struggling to lose weight, tired and lacking in energy, putting weight on in places you didn't use to then you need to speak to a Woodlands staff member.


Exercising helps you believe that you can make a difference to the way that you look and feel. Until you start, you don't really believe it's possible. You can keep a track of your progress easily by seeing how long or at what level you can sustain on different machines. It really gives you such a good feeling to see that you've made strides in the right direction.

You'll do the right exercises the right way:

Most people need the coaching and fitness advice Woodlands can provide. We take pride in our service and the unique way in which we operate. Our assessment process includes a movement analysis, which will show you which muscles are under active and which muscles are overactive and then offer you exercises and stretches to help you correct your posture and muscle imbalances and prevent problems in the near future. Our training is second to none and our customer support is the best in the business.

Exercising helps your immune system:

The right amount of exercise can help your immune system to be more efficient. When you exercise you increase your circulation and blood flow throughout your body. The components of your immune system are also better circulated, which means your immune system has a better chance of finding an illness before it has a chance to take hold. Woodlands trainers can make sure you do the right amount of exercise.

Exercising makes you feel better:

After working out, you'll feel that you have accomplished something. It makes you feel that you are worth something, and improves how you'll feel about yourself. Feeling like you can accomplish things makes you more likely to want to work out again, which is a great cycle to begin. Exercising releases positive endorphins in the brain that improve your mood. You also get a real feeling of accomplishment when you reach or beat a personal goal.

Sense of Dedication:

Maintaining a fitness routine gives you a tremendous sense of dedication. It's a hobby as well. Joining a gym giving you this sense of dedication often empowers you in you're normal life and gives you the ambition to achieve more in you're life. The self confidence you gain will shine from you and people perceive you as more confident and will often respect you more.


With the right program and support from Woodlands you'll see results faster. Those results will look good on you and those results from your actions will create more motivation to continue. We can also mix up your workouts to create variety and keep things interesting for you.

The Feeling:

When you get in shape and as you continue you're body changes. As this happens you will change. When you join a gym and keep to the routine meaning you're getting regular exercise, even if it's only 15 minutes a day. It's very different when you wake up in the morning, you feel strong like you could conquer the world not literally obviously. This feeling puts a smile on you're face as well and it's very difficult to remove this smile.

Exercising gives you energy:

You haven't got the energy to exercise? Hey guess what? Exercising actually gives you energy! A couch potato lifestyle can make you feel tired all the time. When you put your muscles to work with regular exercise, you feel more energized and ready to face your day. Exercising also helps you sleep better.


Woodlands offer the equipment and facilities you need. Whilst you can have some free weights in your house, full commercial, high quality gym equipment (the type available at Woodlands Fitness) is expensive. Instead of forking out a lot of money on equipment that will probably clutter your house and probably won't get used as often as it should be, why not try Woodlands for 3 months? If you've never exercised before and find you absolutely hate it and want to go down another road it hasn't cost you a fortune to try. However, we're confident we can help you get you the results you want.

Beat Stress:

Most people know the endorphins from exercise make you feel better and have a better outlook on life. Exercising can also provide a time for reflection and time for you, which can help ease a stressful life.

Woodlands Social Calendar:

Socialisation is another potential benefit to joining a gym or spa. You can meet like-minded people who share your interest in exercise and fitness. Woodlands is a very friendly club with friendly staff who are all very qualified and want to see you succeed.

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