Member of the Month

This is where we give a big 'SHOUT OUT' to the member/members who have achieved a personal goal.

The member of the month is Claire Simpson

A big WELL DONE Claire.

Claire joined the Woodlands Fitness Centre at Peak Village Rowsley September'15, Claire initially trained herself but was not seeing the results she so wanted. In May Claire started a 3 month course of personal training with Beki. During which Claire lost inches as well as improving her overall strength, fitness and flexibility.

Claire said:
'After months of attempting to lose the last bit of weight and tone up after having my second child I stopped seeing any results. I started seeing Beki for PT sessions & not only did the weight drop off, I had such fun and would actually look forward to the next session. Beki would push me as hard as possible but it never felt like hard work. After 3 months of training with her and watching my diet I am over the moon with the results and feel like the old me again.

Beki commented: "Many people think you just need to eat less and exercise more to lose weight. This is only correct if you're eating the right foods and doing the right type of exercise. The Woodlands approach is simple: stick to a low glycaemic diet, resistance training and the right type of cardiovascular training and you'll lose weight."

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Member of the Month
Member of the Month
Member of the Month