During the lifetime of Woodlands we have had many different types of people through our doors. Each individual has wanted to achieve something personal to them, be it general fitness or aiming to achieve a specific goal, or to squeeze into a bikini that they want for their summer holidays. The team of Woodlands have always been here to help, inspire and be informative. Below are just a few reviews from our members.

So I just weighed myself after 4weeks of not looking at the scales...I've lost over half a stone and a few inches with just clean(ish) eating and the right exercise - I even had almost a week off training while I was at a festival. I actually couldn't believe my eyes! Thank you so much Rebecca Billingham, Giles Woolhouse and the team at woodlands. I actually cannot wait to see the progress in my health and fitness further down the line - so addictive!


After months of attempting to lose the last bit of weight and tone up after having my second child I stopped seeing any results. I started seeing Beki for PT sessions & not only did the weight drop off, I had such fun and would actually look forward to the next session. Beki would push me as hard as possible but it never felt like hard work. After 3 months of training with her and watching my diet I am over the moon with the results and feel like the old me again.


I have been a member of Woodlands for 2.5yrs. When I had the idea of joining a gym i had certain goals in mind. I can honestly say, with the equipment and variation of weights that Woodlands have, it has made it very easy for me to achieve said goals. The staff are very friendly and always available if you need any help or advice.

Theo Theodoulou

I have been a member for 18 month. I find the equipment, staff and relaxed atmosphere has all helped me to continue my on going goal to lose weight and improve my fitness.


Vibrant and fun place to train. The trainers are warm, friendly and helpful. With their help and encouragement I've noticed a great change to my body. I wouldn't train anywhere else.


The gym appeals to all ages and abilities. The friendly staff will help you develop a program to meet your needs or specific goals. When I leave the gym I feel nice and relaxed and ready to cope with whatever the world has in store.


I have been a member for 3 years. Woodlands offers a wide range of equipment, very friendly staff. I really enjoy coming here. The team at Woodlands have helped me achieve my goals.


I have been a member since April 2015. I have always been trained by Giles and I am very pleased with the results and I have managed to achieve all of the goals I was set. The gym is friendly and welcoming. The staff are always very happy to help.

Sam Smith

Woodlands gym is fantastic. It has helped me achieve my fitness goals, with very informative and friendly staff. Woodlands has an excellent variety of equipment. Great atmosphere.

Dan Taylor

Since joining Woodlands I have really noticed a difference in my fitness and enthusiasm. Beki and Giles are really encouraging, informative and I always leave feeling fantastic. I cant wait to start the classes.

Gina Watkinson