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Dear friends,

On Friday 20th March 2020 the Government announced that all gyms and leisure centres are to temporarily close.

The operative word is "temporarily".

The Government will keep these restrictions under constant review - and relax these restrictions if the evidence shows they are able to.

We ALL have to work together to prove we can halt the spread of this disease.

Then we can go back to normal, hopefully more appreciative of what we have had to sacrifice during this temporary period.

I've already had many touching messages from members offering their continue paying their memberships until this issue is resolved. Not everybody is in a position to do this - so we are giving our members the following 4 options in regards to their direct debit:

1). Continue to pay your Direct Debit in the normal way, so that your club can retain key staff and continue to invest during this short time. If you are happy with this option, no further action is required by you.

2). Defer your DD for an initial 1 month period, if you choose this option we will respond with a separate email to confirm your next payment date. If the club continues to be closed after this 1 Month term we will contact you again before that payment is due to defer the payment for a further period of time.

3). Continue to pay your DD on the due date, but pay 50% of the monthly amount to support your club.

4). Continue to pay your DD on the due date - but exchange your membership payments for 1-2-1 personal training. For example, if you pay £25 per month and we're closed for 2 months, you would get 2 x 45 minute PT sessions. Drop me a message and we can arrange this.

Everybody who sustains their direct debit or standing order (even at 50% of the monthly amount) during this temporary closure will be exempt from all future price increases and will retain any special offers (including our 2-4-1 offer) indefinitely.

Not everybody pays through the same direct debit company. Some people pay by standing order. Please contact me if you're not sure.

We will be running our groups, classes and personal training sessions online.

We will also be offering online coaching, diet plans and workout plans free to all our members.

Let's work together to get rid of this virus and the gym will be back open in no time.

For any further information please email:

Yours in fitness,