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The Woodlands newsletter: Monday 15th April 2019

Monday 15th April 2019

Hi, Someone recently asked me what a diet is. Quite simple, a diet is a short term strategy to lose weight. Long term weight loss is the result of an alteration in lifestyle. We are concerned with life long weight management - not quick fixes. I don't like the term diet, as it represents a short term attempt to lose weight vs. a change in lifestyle. Want to lose a bunch of weight quickly? Ok, I will give you the information on how to do that here and now for no charge: For the next 100 days eat 12 boiled eggs (including the shells), one whole grapefruit, and 5 litres of water each day. You will lose plenty of weight. Will it…

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The Woodlands newsletter: Monday 8th April 2019

Monday 8th April 2019

Hi, If your goal is to lose some weight quickly, then just pick any diet plan and follow it. I guarantee you will lose some weight. The number one reason diets fail is - quite simply - a lack of compliance. Research shows that adherence level rather than diet type was the primary requirement of weight loss. The diet you chose is irrelevant; what matters most is your ability to actually stick to a diet. This ensures weight loss success. But some diets must be better than others? Absolutely. Some diets are healthier then others. Some diets are better at preserving lean body mass. Some diets are better at suppressing appetite. There are many differences between diets. Most of the popular diets…

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The Woodlands newsletter: Monday 1st April 2019

Monday 1st April 2019

Hi, What is the number one reason diets fail long term; above all else? The number one reason is - shock horror - people giving up. I know right, who'd have guessed? The numbers don't lie; the vast majority of people who lose weight will regain it - and they often will exceed what they lost. True story. So what are YOU doing to avoid it? Here's another reality check: virtually any diet you pick will follow the basic concept of "burning" more calories then you consume - the well accepted "calories in calories out" mantra - as this will cause you to lose weight. To some degree, they all work: Atkins-style, no carb diets, low fat high carb diets, all…

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The Woodlands newsletter: Monday 25th March 2019

Monday 25th March 2019

Hi, In a perfect world, we would lose weight in a neat, orderly manner. We would stick to our workouts and meal plans and wake up a little lighter and leaner every day. The weeks would breeze by and before we knew it, we'd be the proud owners of a shiny new set of six-pack abs. But in the real world weight loss can be quite erratic. You might lose a pound or two per week for several weeks and then - for no good reason - not see any change for a few weeks. Almost as if your body suddenly forgot how to burn fat. Then - for not apparent reason - you might lose four pounds overnight. So what is…

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The Woodlands newsletter: Monday 18th March 2019

Monday 18th March 2019

Hi, There are some general guidelines, rules of thumb, and ways of viewing a diet program that will allow you to decide, once and for all, if it's the right diet for you. You may not always like what I have to say, and you should be under no illusions this is another quick fix, "lose 100 lbs. in 20 days," guide of some sort. If you are sick and tired of being confused, tired of taking the weight off only to put it back on, and tired of wondering how to take the first steps to deciding the right diet for you that will result in permanent weight loss, then maybe these newsletters could change your life... Do you need to…

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The Woodlands newsletter: Monday 11th March 2019

Monday 11th March 2019

Hi, You can maintain a calorie deficit only to have nothing change for extended periods of time. But then, just as mysteriously, see a dramatic shift in the right direction. Why? Well, the answer is simple: water retention. Last week I suggested a few tips for reducing water retention: 1). Don't starve yourself. 2). Don't do hours and hours of cardio every week. 3). Eat large amounts of food occasionally. 4). And it turns out that those are actually effective strategies for shedding excess water because they reduce cortisol levels. Do you have a specific illness, injury or condition? Woodlands Fitness Centre personal trainers have worked with and helped clients with arthritis, heart disease, old injuries, etc. Working with an experienced trainer at Woodlands can help…

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The Woodlands newsletter: Monday 4th March 2019

Monday 4th March 2019

Hi, Sometimes your weight loss can plateau. Well, if you're stuck in such a predicament, don't do what most people do: exercise more and eat less. It will just make things worse. Chances are the culprit is likely water retention. If you don't know how to deal with it properly, it can fuel an emotional firestorm of anger and frustration. Well, I don't want that to happen to you - so I wrote a series of articles. This subject is explored later in our article: The Minnesota Starvation Experiment. Sometimes everyone needs accountability and motivation. Personal Trainers are there to motivate you. You are investing money into tailor made exercise workout programs - and you're investing time into doing these tailor made workouts. A…

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The Woodlands newsletter: Monday 25th February 2019

Monday 25th February 2019

Hi, Introducing our NEW groups timetable....... We have been working long and hard on this, and after listening to YOUR ideas and feedback. We hope you like it! Our small class group training sessions are tightly-run training sessions of anything from 1-6 people (yes, not strictly a group if it's just 1 person - but if you want to train then we will train you!) where we use our dedicated group PT studio in a closely coached exercise program that's all about results and hard work. There are quite a few changes so please feel free to speak to a member of the team to discuss in detail but to help summarise: * There are now be 43 group sessions per week, including: Condition, Total,…

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The Woodlands newsletter: Monday 18th February 2019

Friday 15th February 2019

Hi, How much weight do you need to lose? First of all you need to decide on a reasonable target weight for you. If you want to lose a lot of weight, you're probably better off breaking your overall target into smaller goals. Think about it this way, for each stone you lose you'll drop 1-2 sizes. So each stone is well worth losing. One of the pleasures of dropping clothes sizes is it's so much easier to find your size on shop rails. If health is a main concern for you, another way of setting a goal is by percentage of body weight you want to lose. Research shows that losing just 10 percent of excess weight will improve health significantly. This subject is explored…

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The Woodlands newsletter: Monday 11th February 2019

Monday 11th February 2019

Hi, Eat less and move more. Apparently this is all you need to do to lose weight. But is what you eat as important as how much you eat? Just as a power station requires gas or coal to power its turbines and generate energy, we need fuel - in the form of food - to power our continued existence. You Are What You Eat' means that it is important to eat good food in order to be healthy and fit. If you eat rubbish then you will look and feel like rubbish. The foods we eat provide us with a range of nutrients: vitamins, minerals, water, fat, carbohydrates, fibre, and protein. These nutrients are put to different uses — as building…

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