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The Woodlands newsletter: Monday 14th May 2018

Monday 14th May 2018

Hi, Regularly using a Foam Roller - especially a deep tissue massage roller - offers many of the same benefits as a sports massage, including reduced inflammation, scar tissue and joint stress, as well as improved circulation and improved flexibility. Regularly rolling pre and post workout will mean you will help prepare your muscles for the workout ahead and also help with post muscle recovery. Once you start rolling I guarantee you will wonder how you ever performed your workouts without it and really understand foam rolling benefits. Just ask Marian Spittlehouse. She just loves to foam roll. Here are the main reasons why you should incorporate foam rolling into your routine today and make sure you scroll to the bottom to check…

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The Woodlands newsletter: Monday 23rd April 2018

Monday 23rd April 2018

Hi, You can reduce stress with foam rolling and stretching. Slowing down for some deep breathing and stretching can seriously keep you zen - as well as boost your flexibility and help you lose fat, because stress can contribute to abdominal fat and other issues. Self-myofascial release, also known as "foam rolling," has transformed from a once mysterious technique used only by professional athletes, coaches, and therapists to a familiar everyday practice for people at all levels of fitness. Espcially Zoe Norman. There's nothing you can tell her about foam rolling she doesn't already know. In fact, I think Zoe invented foam rolling. This subject is explored later in our article: Reduce stress with foam rolling and stretching (part 1).…

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The Woodlands newsletter: Monday 16th April 2018

Monday 16th April 2018

Hi, The liver is easily one of the most important organs in the body and is used in a wide range of functions. These include: 1) Removing toxins from the blood 2) Converting lactate into energy 3) Metabolizing of alcohol 4) Producing and excreting bile 5) Destroying old blood cells 6) Activating enzymes 7) Regulating protein, carbohydrate and fat in the blood 8) Detoxifying the blood 9) Storing vitamins, minerals and glycogen One of the most important things the liver is responsible for is breaking down substances that could harm or poison the body. This constant use of the liver can cause a large amount of stress to be exerted on the organ, which is why it's one of the most commonly injured. It should go without saying that taking care of your liver is a worthwhile use of your time.…

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The Woodlands newsletter: Monday 9th April 2018

Monday 9th April 2018

Hi, Scientists have uncovered a surprising and disturbing fact: environmental toxins make you fat and cause diabetes. Inside the body, these chemicals monkey with our ability to balance blood sugar and metabolize cholesterol. Over time, the changes can lead to insulin resistance. This discovery should be headline news but no one is talking about it. Why? Maybe because there are no drugs to treat it. In the quest to conquer the two biggest epidemics of our time - diabetes and obesity - we've got to turn our attention to the heavy burden environmental toxins put on our bodies. You need to optimize your body's ability to rid itself of toxins. If your body's detoxification tools aren't working effectively, waste will build up.…

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The Woodlands newsletter: Monday 26th March 2018

Monday 26th March 2018

Hi, Easter! You know, that one with the eggs. Well here are our Easter opening times: Good Friday (30th March): 9am - 2pm HIIT / Giles / 9.30am Saturday (31st March): As normal.... Easter Sunday (1st April): 9am - 12noon Easter Monday (2nd April): 9am - 2pm Circuit Training / Big Jack / 9.30am Bank Holiday Monday…

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The Woodlands newsletter: 14th March 2018

Wednesday 14th March 2018

Hi, The biology of muscle isn't, in fact, rocket science. At its most basic level is the SAID principle, an acronym for "specific adaptation to imposed demand". When a muscle contracts against a large amount of resistance, it adapts by getting bigger and stronger. Likewise, if a muscle is regularly forced to contract for long periods of time, it becomes more resistant to fatigue. When you lift weights, you cause tiny tears in your muscle fibres. This accelerates a process called muscle-protein synthesis, which uses amino acids to repair and reinforce the fibres, making them resistant to future damage. And although this happens at a microscopic level, the effect becomes visible over time in the form of bigger arms, broader shoulders,…

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The Woodlands newsletter: Monday 19th Feb 2018

Monday 19th February 2018

Hi, This is not great advice for Ali Gregory or James Turner, who have both been physically destroyed by rugby, or Lauren Coupland, who has been mildly inconvenienced by netball, but for the rest of you sport is a great way to burn extra calories, trim away the fat, and still have a hell of a lot of fun doing it. Playing a sport involves cardio and lots of non-linear movement (jumping, back pedalling, side stepping), making it healthier than straight jogging. There are loads of ways to burn hundreds of calories without even realizing it. Just for clarity, I'm not advising that any of you consider sports instead of a gym membership. Playing sports can work alongside using a gym.…

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The Woodlands newsletter: Monday 12th Feb 2018

Monday 12th February 2018

Hi, If you're not already hitting the gym and racking up the weights, now's the time if fat loss is your goal. Even if you start small and work your way up to heavier weights, gaining muscle is going to put you on the fast-track to hitting that goal. When it comes to exercise, you have to train with weights to increase lean mass. Fat is burned inside of your muscle cells. The bigger and more plentiful your muscle cells, the bigger your fat-burning furnace. Think about how much more fuel a Range Rover will use than a Mini. In short, adding muscle increases the size of your fat-burning furnace. Dieting or exercising incorrectly decreases it. We now offer Unlimited…

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The Woodlands Fitness Centre newsletter: Monday 5th February 2018

Monday 5th February 2018

Hi, If you think hitting the weights is the only thing you have to do to lose fat faster, you're wrong. You need a solid balance of weight training, cardio, and nutrition. You need some form of cardiovascular work to burn excess body fat. The body will burn primarily carbs during the first twenty minutes of cardiovascular exercise. After 20 minutes the body shifts over and starts to burn stored body fat as the primary source of energy. You need a combination of both weight training and cardio to get fat off your body. Okay, so what kind of cardio is best, I hear you ask. A steady 30 minutes on a cross trainer, perhaps? NO! There are a number of viable…

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The Woodlands Fitness Centre newsletter: Monday 22nd January 2018

Monday 22nd January 2018

Over the next 25 newsletters, I will be dispensing 1 primary piece of advice each week. Week 1, hardly a surprise, but... Do intervals and high-intensity training (HIIT) You've heard about their benefits -and for a good reason. If you're looking for an effective way to burn fat faster and lose pounds in the process, HIIT is a solid go-to. High-intensity interval training is more time efficient in caloric expenditure than a traditional cardio workout. Not only will your body burn more calories during HIIT workouts but you'll also continue to burn more calories and fat in the 24 hours after a HIIT workout. That doesn't mean you need to limit yourself to only sprint interval workouts on a treadmill, though.…

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