Matlock / Bakewell gym - Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a physical intervention that helps release matted muscles, break down scar tissue and promote circulation, optimising healthy tissue.

Why Massage? Massage also stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation (our body's natural clean-up system). The combined effect is the removal of waste products from the body and a reduction in stress, fatigue and injury.

Physically demanding activities can create explosive stress, which result in acute injuries, whilst demanding workloads can over time affect us with wear and tear, resulting in chronic conditions producing aches and pains.

We all have our own rate of healing. Why not treat yourself to a Sports Massage?

My name is Jack, I have 2 years experience in providing Sports Massages at level 3 and 4 standard. I've worked with many diverse clients ranging from amateur athletes to builders and office workers. I am currently based at The Woodlands Fitness Centre, Rowsley, which has FREE car parking and is easily accessible. I offer deep tissue, pre and post event massages, injury treatment and exercise advice as a level 3 personal trainer. Appointments are £18 for 30mins and £25 for 60 mins and can be booked via email or phone, call, text I will respond ASAP.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon.

The Woodlands Fitness Centre Ltd
A: Unit 29, Peak Village Estate, Chatsworth Road, Rowsley (nr Matlock), Derbyshire, DE4 2JE
T: (01629) 733 123