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How would you like to have personal training every single time you attend Woodlands Rowsley? Well you can!

Introducing our Group Personal Training scheme

The scheme is an appointment controlled personal training system where a Personal Trainer will train 2 to 8 members at any one time.

Sessions will typically be 45 minutes and are designed for both males and females of mixed ability. The group personal training Workout routines are both themed - not a typical circuit routine.

The training will take place in the gym and the personal training zone. The benefits to you of group personal training include:

• Significantly improved results
• Increased motivation and attendance
• Increased sense of fun
• Learn new skills such as stretching, free weights, kettlebell and core training.
• Meeting new friends

The programmes are designed to be progressive, very effective and fun, with the group re-booking at the end of each session.

How does it work?

Each group personal training session will provide a fantastic motivational, dynamic and enjoyable coaching experience - which we believe can be diluted in larger groups.

All of our group personal Training sessions are designed to be accessible for every type of participant from complete beginners' to experienced individuals. We pride ourselves on the wide variety of effective group training formats from HIIT, core, balance, strength, power, kettlebells and more.

You will have a qualified personal trainer giving you the best exercises designed to help you with rapid fat loss and increased fitness. Your personal trainer to show you the correct way to do the exercises. The personal trainer you thought you couldn't afford. We will train you with exactly the same exercises we'd use for training clients on a one-to-one basis.

You will be motivated by a dedicated and experienced Personal Trainer. Why not work out with your friends or partners?

You will only see results from your hard work, consistency and effort. You'll be able to wear clothes you haven't been able to fit into for years. You'll feel comfortable & proud of your body again. You'll feel fitter, stronger, healthier and full of energy.

What are the advantages for you?

Physical and mental health benefits that can be achieved through functional training at Woodlands Rowsley include:

• Improved muscle strength and tone - to protect your joints from injury. It also helps you maintain flexibility and balance and helps you remain independent as you age

• Weight management and increased muscle-to-fat ratio - as you gain muscle, your body burns more kilojoules when at rest

• Greater stamina - as you get fitter and stronger, you won't get tired as easily

• Prevention or control of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, back pain, depression and obesity

• Pain management

• Improved mobility and balance

• Improved posture

• Decreased risk of injury

• Increased bone density and strength and reduced risk of osteoporosis

• Improved sense of wellbeing - resistance training may boost your self-confidence, improve your body image and your mood

• A better night's sleep and avoidance of insomnia

• Increased self-esteem

• Enhanced performance of everyday tasks.

Is it for you?

Working with your Woodlands Rowsley personal trainer and a small group of likeminded people with similar goals to your own, you will receive all the dietary and training support, guidance and motivation you would receive from one-2-one personal training but at a fraction of the cost.

Regardless of your current shape or training experience, you will find these sessions welcoming and tailored to suit your individual ability. Not only will you benefit from the personal training experience but the social and group aspect will also motivate and encourage you on to new levels of achievement.

How will we train you?

At Woodlands Rowsley, we promote functional training exercises, which involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life. As such, we focus on using bodyweight, kettlebell, medicine ball and free weight exercises.

Woodlands Rowsley trainers will show you the correct way to perform them with bags full of motivation and some amazing results thrown in too for the price of a gym membership!

At Woodlands Rowsley, you will have a whole staff of personal fitness experts ready to work with you to reach your goals while affordably fitting into your budget and schedule, all included in your monthly service fee!

It is very difficult to hold yourself accountable, even for those who make a habit of visiting a gym on a regular basis. At Woodlands Rowsley, we will focus on you, so we can provide you structure and help you develop a lifestyle that encourages health. The group personal training themes will include:

• Total body conditioning
• HIIT/kettlebells
• Legs, bums & core
• Core & stability
• Upper body
• And more...

Our fully qualified personal training experts are responsible for monitoring the facility, coaching, guiding, and devising your complete workout for you. You will get maximum results in minimum time.

What makes Woodlands Rowsley different from the rest?

What we offer is everything you would expect from one-to-one personal training. For example, goal specific training tailor made to your individual needs, motivation, technical guidance, nutritional support and progression, blended with the flexibility and regularity that comes with being a member of a conventional gym. Simply said, you can have personal training as many times a week as you like at an affordable price.

How does this differ from normal personal training?

The only difference between the concept we offer and traditional one to one personal training is that the personal training we offer is in a small group environment.

The only preconcepted disadvantage of this structure is the absence of 100% exclusive attention as the trainer may be dealing with a few clients. Actually, in reality there is no significant disadvantage, this undivided attention is an unnecessary component of personal training because techniques can still be corrected. Therefore, the trainer does not need to observe the entire set. On top of this there is only so much motivation that the personal trainer can offer during one set, and for some people this overbearing attention can be uncomfortable. This allows our trainers to coach without sacrificing any of the benefits of personal training.

What type of members do we currently have training at Woodlands Rowsley?

We currently have a wide variety of members ranging from elite level athletes to those simply looking to keep fit and active. Our age range is from 18 to our eldest members being in their 70's.

The specific nature of our training means we can adapt every programme to the individual's needs. Some members belong to local sports clubs and are looking for extra help while others are here with a specific weight loss programme.

We also have members training pre and post natal or recovering from long term illness and injury. There is no stereotype that trains at Woodlands Rowsley and we can adapt to everyone's individual needs.

So nutritional support is part of the monthly package?

Yes it is and this is what enables us to offer something that is really unique.

Nutritional advice is offered to all members. As well as getting the training right it is also essential to be aware of how we fuel our system. For those that require advice we offer nutritional guidance. For some this may be weight reduction and others this may be to increase muscle mass.

How much does it cost?

Woodlands Rowsley group personal training sessions are included in our gym, classes and group personal training membership.

We offer unlimited personal training for one low monthly fee. You may come as many times as you like. You have can choose from a 12 month, 3 month or no-contract options. Please contact us for prices.

A lot of people will have thought about having a personal trainer. But three sessions a week could cost you over £320 a month - not everybody can afford or justify that kind of expenditure.

People are often scared and tied in by 12 month contracts. As such, many new members join on a rolling month basis. This suits those looking to kick start a healthier lifestyle or planning towards a specific sporting event or special occasion. This also enables us to be flexible with clients working commitments.

By joining Woodlands Rowsley, you can have someone giving you the right exercises to help you with rapid fat loss and increased fitness. Our routines include a variety of exercises that work on flexibility, core, balance, strength and power, focusing on multiple movement planes.

Woodlands Rowsley offers a unique personal training experience like no other gym in the Matlock/Bakewell area.

So what's the next step? How do you sign up?

Joining is really easy: just phone or email us. We will arrange an assessment time that suits you and develop a programme specific to your goals and requirements. We offer an initial 6 week trial for only £56.

This will enable you to get a taste of what we do and what we can offer. If you're unsure feel free to come down have a look around and chat with the team.

Remember, you will be personally trained every single visit to the club.
The training sessions are designed to be both effective and entertaining with an equal emphasis placed on both. Although you will be part of a group the Personal Trainer will interact both on an individual and group basis.

Let Woodlands Rowsley help you stay the course to a great physique, health and fitness!

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