Matlock / Bakewell gym - Group personal training

Our shared personal training sessions, typically 45 minutes, will be themed; not a typical circuit routine. The training will take place in the gym and the studio/personal training zone.

This membership includes:

✔ 48 sessions every week.

✔ Share the sessions with up to 5 other people.

✔ Come to as many sessions as you like.

✔ Each session will be structured as an actual personal training session.

✔ No contract

Unlimited Personal Training prices:

Single: £10.99 a week (paid monthly)
Joint: £6.99 a week (paid monthly)

My goal from day 1 has been to run an exceptional program. Good won't cut it; it has to be great.

The Group exercise sessions will be motivating. There's nothing like a group of people pushing past their own limits to make you bulldoze right through your own. We will maintain the fun and energetic atmosphere present in our previous classes.

However, group exercise sessions is about more than just the social environment. The social aspect is more so a happy by product. Group exercise sessions puts the economics of scale to work and is far more affordable than personal training. That's what it takes to make fitness affordably sustainable for a lot of people. We are in the business of helping people to get results.

The Group exercise sessions is a phenomenal add-on to the classes and personal training options.

The Group exercise sessions will allow a beginner to be able to work side-by-side with a more experienced participant. Any injuries or movement issues will be seamlessly accommodated. This is done through to modifying existing exercises to suit skill levels and injury profiles.

It's totally fine if you work at your own level - whatever it may be. However, it is NOT totally fine if you work at less than your own level.

Each session will incorporate logical structuring of exercises. For example, how many bootcamps actually offer a 1:1 ratio of pulling to pushing or bilateral to unilateral movements?

Nobody can burn fat at maximum efficiency if they're nursing a torn ACL or a dislocated shoulder. Our job is to produce long-term results, not short-term gratification.

We will maintain a low client-to-trainer ratio: If the instructor is unable to correct every major movement issues as it presents itself, there are simply too many people. Proper ratios will be maintained by capping class sizes.

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